New Moon Collective

An empowering sisterhood to support you in manifesting your vision, to live your life with intention, and to reconnect with the moon.

♥ Do you have a desire to connect with inspiring and genuine women?

♥ Are you wondering where to find women who are on the same spiritual and personal development path to your own?

♥ Do you feel a lack of clarity or focus for how to move forward with your purpose, relationships, or your health?

♥ Are you curious about how to reconnect with the moon and how to apply astrology to your life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are in the right place!


The New Moon Collective is an empowering sisterhood to support you in manifesting your vision, to live your life with intention, and to reconnect with the moon.


Each month we gather in-person to honor the new moon. As a community we recognize the natural cycles of the moon by performing the ancient ritual of coming together in ‘circle’ as women. We pause each month to celebrate our accomplishments and gain clarity for what we are creating as individuals and a community.

New Moon Collective is unique compared to other moon circles because we take a magical and practical approach to manifesting your dreams. This action-oriented approach will be the key to shifting out of ‘hoping’ things will improve and instead you’ll actually start experiencing tangible results in your life.

Membership Perks…..

As a New Moon Collective member, you will also have access to quarterly mastermind manifesting workshops to dive deeper into the strategy behind your business, your relationships, your health goals, and/or your purpose. 

These workshops are an opportunity for our members to create deeper sisterhood, develop strategic partnerships, and to align with the energetic frequency of their vision. 

During the masterminds sessions we incorporate energy work, connect with nature, and get into #bossbabe mode with action-oriented plans to bring your vision to life. You’ll also experience inspiring guest talks from women who are already manifesting the life of their dreams and are leading the way to show you what is possible in your life!

 As a member you are also able to invite one guest to each circle free of charge.

Curious about joining the Collective?

Come join us for our next circle in San Diego to experience the magic…..

Upcoming Dates:
Monday, June 3rd: Gemini | Click Here to Register
Tuesday, July 2nd: Cancer | Click Here to Register
Wednesday, July 31st: Leo | Registration Coming Soon
Friday, August 30th: Virgo | Registration Coming Soon
Saturday, September 28th: Libra | Registration Coming Soon
Sunday, October 27th: Scorpio | Registration Coming Soon
Tuesday, November 26th: Sagittarius | Registration Coming Soon